What is it?

wkCinusKick is a module (plugin) for the Worms Armageddon game with WormKit extension framework installed, which lets host player to remove other players from the game (in-game-kick) easily - just by typing special command in game chat window.

wkCinusKick has been written by Cinus, and works with the latest version of the game

This plugin is inspired by wkick module released by Pisto, which worked with previous game version

What for?

Usually, we don't need to boot players when game has already begun. Best place to do that is game lobby. Unfortunately, sometimes some person starts to cheating in purpose or offending other people in game. Sad, but one person can ruin entire game.

This plugin is for responsible people only. Please don't abuse its features. Don't kick without warning and no reason!
And remember... everybody was a noob at beginning (me and You too)... You should teach inexperienced players instead of kick!

Using of this (or similar) tools is controversial topic, which has been discussed many times (read this thread for example).
Anyway, I believe that advantages of this method are bigger than disadvantages. If You disapprove of this:


Requirements and Installation

You need:

To install wk CinusKick, download ZIP file from here, extract DLL file and place it in the W:A main folder.

Remember: the game must be run by WormKit.exe instead of WA.exe (You probably already have updated desktop shortcut pointing to WormKit.exe).

How to use it?

By typing commands listed below in game chat:

Main command:

Additional commands:



1. Checking plugin commands and simple kick:

  1. type '/players' to list all active players in game (the host (in this example: Cinus) is not listed),
  2. type '/kick1' to kick 1st player from the game (Stefek [1]),
  3. if no error occur, specified player will be kicked, and all players will see public message after that,
  4. type '/players' again to check if kicked player disappear from players list,
  5. let's try kick (already kicked) player [1] again, to get an error message.

/players /kick1 /players /kick1

2. Wrong player number kicks error messages:

/players /who /kick3 /kick0 /kick4

3. Waiting for end of player turn, and then kick:

/players /who /kick2 /who /kick2

Other error messages

1. Not own (hosted) game:

/players /who /kick1

2. Only 1 player game:

/players /who /kick1

3. Offline game:

/players /who /kick1

Antivirus issue and false viruses/malware detections

Some antivirus programs may report wkCinusKick.dll file as infected by virus or malware.

It is a false alarm.

It happens because wkCinusKick.dll file has been released packed and crypted by software, which is using to pack/crypt many real viruses and malware programs as well (generated signatures in AV databases are identical for all packed programs).

This file has been packed in purpose (protect from modification and being use to cheating in W:A games),
and I will not release it unpacked.

If You don't trust me, and You think that plugin contains viruses:



Before download this plugin, read important information above!



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